Client Testimonials

"Instructions are relatable and easy to understand"

I highly recommend PGA Professional, Dean Alaban if you’re looking to have some golf lessons. 

Dean is an excellent Golf Coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a junior or an adult, an advanced player or just starting out,  Dean can structure a lesson or programme and tailor it to suit you and what you want to achieve. 

Instructions are relatable and easy to understand with instant feedback; he uses the latest technology including flightscope and video analysis so you can see exactly what you’re doing in slow motion replays. 

After an extended break from the game, I was embarrassed with my first few rounds back, so booked some lessons with Dean. After just two lessons, he got me back on track and I’ve seen some rapid improvement including my best ever score of -3 (69).  I am now down to my lowest ever handicap and will continue having lessons with Dean as I look to get even better.   

Jarrod H.

October 2018

"He's an awesome coach!"

In July 2017 (a little over a year ago at the time of writing) I took up golf with no knowledge or experience of the game. After having a go at the driving range, I got the golf bug and decided to join a golf club, with a beginners Handicap of 45.  Shortly after joining, I met Dean Alaban and have been fortunate enough to have many productive golf lessons with him. 

Dean’s knowledge of golf is extensive and his teaching methods are easy to pick up and practice.

Dean has taught me my swing with the driver, irons, hybrids and woods. He showed me how to do those perfect chip shots and also improved my putts.  Dean’s coaching skills are the reason behind my winning the following awards: 1-Ladies Golf  Spoon Division  Championship 2018  2-Most improved player of the year and  3- Most consistent player of the year He is also responsible for my Handicap drop from 45 to 21. All that in my first year since I took up golf. 

Dean is extremely patient, kind and is always encouraging!  If you are after an improvement in your game, or just starting out, Dean Alaban is a great teaching  professional whom I highly recommend to get your Handicap to your desired level.  He’s an awesome coach!

Althea B. “One very happy student!” October 2018

"Explains things simply and is friendly and easygoing!"

Dean was quick to analyse my swing and able to communicate improvements in a simple and step by step manner which enabled me to focus on improvements during the week. 

Dean also teaches our 9-year old son. Dean was able to build a rapport quickly and has made the lessons fun and he has progress significantly over the past few months. 

I attended a ladies introductory course with Dean. Through the weeks I had a great introduction to the clubs and their use, before we spent most of our lesson practising.

Dean would evaluate us and give us a point or two of advice to work on, and explain it in a way that is easy to understand. This was was great as it wasn’t overwhelming and I was able to progress/ incorporate the advice into my play. We finished our lessons playing a couple of holes on the course.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and would recommend Dean as a coach; he is able to explain things simply and he is friendly and easygoing.  

Michael and Jacqui 

October 2018

"Dean is an exceptional golf coach"

Dean is an exceptional golf coach and I would have no hesitation in recommending his teaching methods.

His approach to the game is extremely simple and uncomplicated from driver to putter. He breaks things down into small steps to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by too much information.

The lessons are followed up with an audio-visual review which helped me understand my flaws quickly & I could work on the recommended drills to correct them.

My only regret is that I did not have the benefit of his coaching when I first started playing the game.


October 2018